Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yoga - Just Like A Therapist

Hey all,
Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weekend...I know I am...we just got home from Florida and the weather is much cooler than before!! WOOHOOO for leggings, Uggs, & hot, instead of iced, white chocolate mocha's...haha I know getting a bit ahead of myself but ahhhh can't wait!

I want to share something with you all that I am now kind of obsessed with....YOGA!! OMG I am in love with it!! I feel like it is going to see a therapist...when I leave that class I am so refreshed and is AMAZING! I typically do not do a whole lot to "relax" and that is just simply because my mind is always running and running & I can never make it stop. My hubs got me a massage once because I had never had one, I knew better than to try one but I humored him & went because it was a sweet gesture, but sadly I could not relax until about 5 min before it was over and then I was just pissed off that the massage was over so needless to say I haven't had one & wasted $$ on one since. (now it could've been that my first massage was from a man & he started massaging my butt ha but that is besides the point because regardless I don't think I could've emptied my mind) Yoga is something that I urge everyone to try AT LEAST ONCE!! For me I find myself emptying my mind for once and I don't know if it is because I am concentrating on the motions & breathing (which is the point) or what it is that allows me to clear my head but either way I LOVE IT!! At the end I must admit that when they are talking about waking up for the second time of the day & the rebirth is a bit odd to me; however, I think that is because by the end of class when we are supposed to be laying and relaxing I am already back in ME mode and can't make my mind stop but I am sure I will get used to that & after a little more background research on Yoga I am sure I will understand all of it. I have only been taking this for about a month but if I could do it everyday I would!! I am curious to try Pilates which I have heard is just like Yoga but works the core more but then I fear that I will loose my "relaxation" so for now I will keep on taking my Yoga & maybe one day try Pilates because I love trying new things!!

haha here is a picture of me in FL, pretending to practice my Yoga while fishing ;)

Have any of you all tried Yoga, Pilates, or both?? What are your thoughts on the differences?!



  1. Ha ha impressive. You can fish and do yoga at the same time. I'm impressed. Hallelujah for fall!

  2. :)) very nice! I see you really enjoy your life. Good for you :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm hearting it!!

    Cute pic lol! I loooove yoga! Best part of my day :)

    xo Danielle