Friday, September 10, 2010

Women's Reebok Zig Pulse Shoes

Alright everyone I am back....please don't beat me up about being a bit MIA, it has been a little nuts ;)

I wanted to share with you all how I was feeling about the new Reebok women's Zig Pulse shoes...I loved, loved the way these looked and for me being a girl of course looks are what always draws me in initially...although I must say as I am getting older (ha 26 now) I am more and more into comfort but have no fear I will not be giving up any hot looking pumps just because they kill my feet....I will gladly continue to wear, hurt, and smile about it knowing they look great..


I was in the market for a "workout" shoe...not a running shoe because I am an Asics girl but did you know that it is not good to workout in your running shoes?! I did not know that a running shoe should be strictly just that so when I found this out I started searching for a "workout" shoe and I first started with a pair of Puma Voltaic's (which I will do a review on later) but those cut funny at my ankles so I sold those babies on Ebay (& lost no $ I might add ;)).

I came across the Reebok Zig's thru a commercial I think or in one of my million magazines that my husband wishes I didn't look at so I wouldn't "want" things but either way I got a pair and I am loving them for these reasons; they just look simply bad ass (or I think so), you can custom make on Reebok's site your very own & individual pair so no one else will have them, they are rather sturdy and very comfortable, and the mesh through the whole shoe allows my foot to really on to my only negative although I hate the word negative because it's really not "negative" or a deal breaker but rather not a favorite; they are a bit heavy BUT I think I am saying this because I have been spoiled by the lightweight of my Asics running shoes. I wear these for a Bikini Bootcamp class and there is a lot of running/cardio involved & I just feel like they are a bit more heavy on my feet than I would like but as I said it is no deal breaker as I still will keep rocking these & I am probably getting an even better workout with a heavier shoe right?!

One last thing I want to mention that I am a little worried about with these is after reading several reviews about these A LOT of people said that their mesh, which is most of the upper part of the shoe, just started ripping or developing I have not experienced this yet thank goodness but it does concern me as I am wearing them to Zumba, bootcamp, biking, and out and about so my feet are definitely moving in odd positions and putting them to the test of durability so I will let you know if this happens to me as I have only had them about a month. If this does happen you can call Reebok and they will exchange them although I am not sure I would want the same shoe if it fell apart the first time but I think they have since made the mesh part a little different now than on the original ones so we shall see what happens!

This is a picture of a custom pair I created one night on the website because I couldn't sleep....gotta love pink & green!!!


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  1. love the shoes and love your blog! I am obsessed w/ pink1