Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sweaty Bands Are AMAZING

Well I am not usually a fan of headbands because they slide or are just an annoyance BUT I have discovered Sweaty Bands & now I know what everyone was going crazy about. I first set my eye on these at the Nashville Marathon Expo but unable to get in the booth & actually look due to the overwhelming number of women looking at them in a small, cramped booth I just gave up & shopped online a month or so later and WOW I wish I would have pushed my way through the crowd & had one of those babies for that marathon but I didn't & now that is a thing of the past since I now own about ten of them. Their cute little slogan says,"OMG they don't slip," & I will admit I had my reservations but they are right....they DO NOT SLIP; no long drawn out explanation for that part because it speaks for itself...they don't slip. Another amazing factor of these little slices of heaven are that they have a ton of designs which is awesome because there is one for everyone, ha I have a list of the ones I still want to get but had to slow my shopping roll. A third thing I love about these is they are washable which is great for me because I wash everything, especially sweaty gym clothing (which now includes these)...all you have to do is wash and hang dry and they are good and fresh as new. If you have not experienced these yet I strongly suggest you do so....they are great for running, walking, working out, volleyball, or even just wearing out for a day of shopping...completely a must have accessory for all wardrobes. They run about $15-$20 depending on if you wish to have a thick one or a skinnier one and you can shop at a local running/sports store near you (if they carry them) or shop online at (which provides an amazingly fast shipping turn around). ENJOY XOXO!


  1. I love sweaty bands and running skirts too! Being fashionable while running is kind of my thing. Good luck with the blog!

  2. Thanks & glad to see someone else has great taste in running gear! ;)