Monday, July 26, 2010

Sam Edelman Sutton Over The Knee Boots...HOT, HOT!

So I have to do a quick rant on a new purchase that I have wanted and wanted but NEVER thought I could wear because I have and will always have cheerleader/volleyball legs....anyhow my fabulous husband had gotten me this leopard bag from the Nordstrom anniversary sale (because I had mentioned it) but when I got it in the mail it was poorly made & looked cheap so one night we decided to do a din date & return it. When my hubby ran to the restroom I decided to do a quick inventory of the shoe department, especially since it was SALE time, & I saw these fabulous Sam Edelman Sutton over the knee boots and I thought to myself, "what the hell I am going to try them on & get it out of my system." They were regularly $299.95 and they were on sale for $199.90 which made them all the more appealing before I even put them on. So the guy brought out an 8 & a 9 & I thought for sure I would need the 8.5 that they were sold out of but NO I fit perfectly in the 9's and needless to say they are now nice & snug in my closet. ;) When I put them on & was walking around I heard someone behind me say, "those are interesting, but hot," hehe & it was my love so I knew they were a go in his book but I still was a little unsure as I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women. Anyhow, I continued to walk around a bit & got a few awesome comments from some other women shopping so I then felt a little less hookerish & more stylish so I decided they were a must have. These boots are a pull on style with a partial zip closure and the heel height is approx. 3.5 which is actually a fairly comfortable height for me anyway. I didn't think I would be so excited for slightly cooler weather to get here but I am ready to rock these babies out! What do you think, good purchase?! What new trends are you all excited to rock??



  1. big fan of over the knee boots and these are no exception! I have 2 pairs that I wore last year that are certainly coming out of the closet again! :)

  2. where did you purchase them for $199??

  3. Helena I can't wait to get them out along with my other fall stuff!!

    Cindy, I got them at Nordstrom during the Anniv sale for that they are back up to the $299.